Strictly Come Dancing: Week Two – live

This week they’re dancing the Cha Cha to ‘Rain On Me’ by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. This was my favourite tune of 2020 – the lockdown anthem we all needed. Very happy to see it join the Strictly playlist.


Last week Helen showed us she can definitely do elegant ballroom, but can she bring some sexy sass to Latin?

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Tonight they’re dancing the Waltz to ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ by Elvis Presley. Hopefully this will assuage the disquiet of Allison Pearson in The Telegraph, who can’t see it working and is worried that this beloved dance conversation is becoming a ‘woke box-ticking exercise.’


God forbid that Strictly delivers a dance that doesn’t fit the traditional Ballroom/Latin mould. I mean, where might that take us? A hip-hop Paso? A dance that has 20 seconds of profound silence? Couple’s Choice? *clutches pearls*

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They’re taking the Slot Of Death to dance the Tango to ‘Bad Habits’ by Ed Sheeran. Is there any Sheeran song that hasn’t done a spin on the Strictly dancefloor? Does he write these songs thinking ‘this would make a banging Viennese Waltz’?


Bonus drink if any of the judges reference ‘bad habits’ in their critiques. My money’s on Craig.

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This week they’re dancing the Salsa to ‘Never Too Much’ by Luther Vandross. This is one of my favourite songs ever, and I can’t find any evidence of it being Strictlified before (fandom, feel free to correct me on this matter). We got a sniff of Will’s hips in his Jive last week, but now it’s time for him to unleash them, Salsa-style. There’s no such thing as too much, Will. Listen to Luther.

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Notable outfits include Dianne in a jaunty beret, Tony Adams in a flat cap, and Nadiya in two bits of Christmas wrapping and the crimpers she found within.

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Motsi’s traded last week’s picnic blanket for acid yellow, and Shirley’s gone for hot pink power shoulders – it’s like a pack of highlighters down there. Shirley wants the public to vote so she doesn’t have to send anyone home. I don’t think that’s how it works, Shirl?

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Tess in a white sparkly angel costume, Claudia in ugly pink slacks and a black shirt. Meh.

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Time for the slo-mo moody VT, with voiceovers recorded at the bottom of a well. Last week was all about the pressure, nerves and excitement, and they’re all fighting for their place. Nobody wants to be the first to leave, so they have to give everything. OOH, RED FILTERS.

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It’s a special Judges’ Buzzword edition tonight – take a sip of something warming for any occurrence of the following:



  • ‘Stompy’

  • \n

  • ‘Elegant’

  • \n

  • ‘Foundations’

  • \n

  • ‘Marvellous’

  • \n

  • ‘Disaster’

  • \n

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Even though we’ve only seen them dance once, it’s never too early to start musing on how far they might go in this year’s competition, a feature we* call Heidi’s Hunches. Her are my starters for ten:


Driving for December: Will and Nancy, Ellie S and Nikita, Molly and Carlos, Helen and Gorka


Battling for Blackpool: Hamza and Jowita, Fleur and Vito, Tyler and Dianne, Ellie T and Johannes


Happy to see Halloween: Richie and Giovanni, Kym and Graziano, Jayde and Karen, Matt and Nadiya


Dodging the dance-off: James and Amy, Kaye and Kai, Tony and Katya


Can I just say that I spent AGES agonising over those middle two groups, there’s really not much between them and there will no doubt be much re-shuffling over the coming weeks.


ALTHOUGH I would like to point out that in Week 2 last year I predicted Adam, AJ, John, Rose and Rhys as the final five and, other than Adam Peaty who went out mid-show, I was bang on with the other four. So not ENTIRELY rubbish at this.


*there is technically no ‘we’ here. It’s just me on the sofa in my pyjamas, winging it

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Evening all, and welcome back to Week 2 of Strictly Come Dancing! After last week’s double bill of launch show/first live show, we’re settling in to business as usual this weekend. All fifteen couples will dance live tonight, then tomorrow the very first couple will be voted off the Strictly dancefloor. Obviously nobody wants to be the first out, but frankly liveblogs over two hours aren’t sustainable so can we please start the culling, please and thank you.


The sequinned stakes are high tonight – all the judges’ scores from last week will be carried over, which means several of our couples need to deliver something pretty special to stay out tomorrow’s Dance Off. Usual liveblog rules apply – I’ll be up here casting a heavily-beaded eye on proceedings, while you all get stuck into the comment box below. Kick off is at 6.30pm!

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key events

Points: 5,7,7,8 – 27 in total for Helen and Gorka.

Motsi loved the energy in the opening, but she tended to lean out of the holds. Shirley was impressed with Helen’s coordination but she needs to work on her leg movement. Anton loved the start, but Helen didn’t keep it up. Craig found it technically very bad and Helen’s leg was completely bent.

Aside from that ritualistic slaughter of Lady Gaga, this is a great cha-cha from Helen. She has fabulous energy and makes everything look effortless. A couple of the transitions are a bit clunky, but we can just focus on Gorka’s chest instead. I really enjoyed that – I think Helen will prove to be a brilliant all-rounder.

Next it’s Helen and Gorka!

This week they dance the Cha Cha to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s “Rain On Me.” That was my favorite tune of 2020 – the lockdown anthem we all needed. I am very happy that it is being added to the Strictly playlist.

Last week Helen showed us that she definitely nails ballroom elegance, but can she bring some sexy sass to Latin?

Score: 7,8,7,8 – 30 total for Ellie and Nikita.

Craig liked it – he wanted Ellie to lift herself to her chest and focus on the tips of her heels, but it had a lovely expression. Motsi agrees – Ellie’s arms and hands were stretched great, and there’s something special about the way Nikita and Ellie dance together. Shirley thought something so simple was magical, but agrees more work is needed on the heel leads. Anton liked it, Ellie had a nice line.

Elly’s dress is beautiful and this dance has a nice romantic vibe to it. Ellie’s footwork is wonderful and Nikita does a wonderful job showing off her natural elegance. Should a waltz have a floor spin? I’m not sure if that’s allowed, but whatever. Simple, classic, I really liked it.

It’s time for Ellie S and Nikita!

Tonight they will waltz to Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. Hopefully this will ease Allison Pearson’s uneasiness The Telegraphwho can’t see it working and worries that this beloved dance talk is turning into an exercise in waking up.

God forbid Strictly delivers a dance that doesn’t fit traditional Ballroom/Latin Mold. I mean where could this take us? A hip hop paso? A dance with 20 seconds of deep silence? The couple’s choice? *clings beads*

Points: 5,6,6,7 – 24 total for James and Amy.

Anton loved the open work, but James needs to dominate Amy through poise. Craig found it clumsy and lacking in V-shape, and also lacking in purpose and drama, but James has amazing musicianship. Motsi felt James was hesitating a bit and he needed more power and push. Shirley saw a mistake down the middle but there was a good vibe to it.

Some posture issues from James – he has good timing but his frame isn’t locked and it all takes more drive and intention. Just a little wispy, really. Ah, what do I know.

Next it’s James and Amy!

They take the Slot Of Death to tango to Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits.” Is there a Sheeran song that hasn’t been filmed on the Strictly dance floor yet? Does he write these songs thinking “that would make a banging Viennese waltz”?

Bonus drink if one of the judges points out “bad habits” in their criticism. My money’s on Craig.

Score: 6,7,6,7 – 26 total for Will and Nancy. Generously.

Shirley manages to get “easy on the eye” and “your little face” into the first movement (drink everything) – she had made too many mistakes. Anton noticed that Will missed a step – he’s got a great groove but his posture needs to work. Craig thought Will was dancing it too hard and it was a little snappy, but he has exceptional rhythm and performance. Motsi thought Will’s hips didn’t lie.

I usually love Motsi’s outfits, but this one looks like one of those Lidl scouring pads.

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