Amazon Confirms New Prime-Exclusive ‘Early Access’ Sale for October – IGN

Amazon Confirms New Prime-Exclusive 'Early Access' Sale for October - IGN
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After more than a few rumors of a second Prime Day-style sale in 2022, it’s finally been confirmed by Amazon. The retail giant will be hosting another exclusive Prime event in October, officially titled: Prime Early Access Sale. According to Amazon, this is a new event for Prime members offering “bargains in Black Friday format” for anyone starting their fall shopping journey.

It starts on October 11th and runs until the end of the day on October 12th. Name aside, this sale isn’t all that different from the usual Prime Day deals that Amazon would normally offer; It’s a two-day event with Black Friday-themed deals and is exclusive to Prime members. For now, here’s everything you need to know about the Prime Early Access Sale or “Prime Day 2”; including early offers, tee times, what to expect and more.

Prime Early Access Sale: How does Prime Day work?

Amazon Prime

30-day free trial

Amazon Prime

After that $14.99 per month.

The last “Prime Days” usually last 48 hours, during which all sale items are only available for Prime members. It’s easy to sign up for one, but it’ll also cost you $14.99/month, or $139 if you pay annually. Otherwise, you can always sign up for the 30-day free trial.

Sign up for an account now with a 30-day trial and you’ll be covered for most of October and the Prime Early Access Sale. Expect to see typical Amazon devices like Echo speakers or Fire TV Sticks heavily discounted alongside other typical items like video games, 4K TVs, and more.

Early, Prime Early Access Deals (Yes, Really)

Amazon is already launching some early offers for its Early Access sale (I didn’t miss the irony). Right now, you can get a four-month free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited, as well as an Echo Dot for $0.99 for new Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers (paid, not the free trial, $8.99/month for Prime members). There is also a 1-year Grubhub+ membership up for grabs for Prime members. I leave the links for these below.

4 months Amazon Music Unlimited
Echo Dot + Amazon Music Unlimited subscription

New subscribers

Echo Dot + Amazon Music Unlimited subscription

Music Unlimited is $8.99 for Prime members + $0.99 for Echo Dot. Echo Dot MSRP is $49.99.

dig lift+

Prime Early Access Sale: Is it Prime Day 2?

So, it looks like Prime Day, it feels like Prime Day – is it Prime Day? Officially no. Unofficially… somehow? It only makes sense to be fair, it’s a two-day sale with deals to match Black Friday and exclusive to Prime members – you can draw your own conclusions. Personally, I’ll treat this sale the same way I treated Prime Day, and I expect many others will do the same.

Overall it looks like a sales event on par with the caliber of deals that Prime Day or Black Friday usually have, and you can start your Christmas shopping a little earlier. Finally, Amazon isn’t calling it Prime Day 2, but you can certainly treat it as exactly that.

Where is Prime Early Access available?

Prime Early Access offers are available to Prime members living in the US and UK, as well as several other countries such as Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden , and Turkey.

When does the Prime Early Access Sale take place? (Prime Day 2)

Prime Day 2022 officially took place on July 12-13, but it wasn’t long before we heard some rumors speculating about the possibility of a second Prime Day event in 2022.

The Prime Early Access Sale, or Prime Day 2 as many call it, begins October 11 at 12:00 AM PDT time and ends October 12 at 11:59 PM.

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

Amazon Prime is now $139/year or $14.99/month. You can get a 30-day free trial of the service or a 6-month free trial if you’re a student with an .edu email address. If you take out a 30-day trial now, you’re also covered for the Prime Early Access sale event.

What is the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale?

The Prime Early Access Sale is Amazon’s brand new holiday shopping event, available exclusively to Prime members. It takes place from October 11th to 12th and introduces exclusive holiday and Black Friday equivalents (a little earlier than you’d normally expect).

Is Amazon Prime worth it in 2022?

Prime comes with a whole host of perks if you think it’s worth it. There are obviously Prime Early Access deals you can take advantage of in October, alongside ever-shorter same-day delivery times up to two-day delivery times, and then there’s access to Prime Video and Amazon Music services.

Prime Video also has many incredible TV shows and movies to watch including The Lord of the Rings: The Power Rings, The Boys, Jack Ryan, Good Omens, The Wheel of Time, The Expanse and Reacher. But it’s up to you, $14.99 a month is a lot of money at the end of the year and you definitely want to feel like you’re making the most of it. If you want more updates on Prime Day 2, follow us @IGNDeals on twitter.

Robert Anderson is Deals Expert and Commerce Editor for IGN. you can follow him @Robertliam21 on twitter.

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