Married at first sight Mayhem in Britain when Matt kisses another contestant

Married at first sight Mayhem in Britain when Matt kisses another contestant
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Married on First Sight UK spoilers to follow.

Matt Murray and Whitney Hughes really put the cat among the doves Married on First Sight UK.

Both contestants have tied the knot with different partners – Gemma Rose and Duka Cavoli respectively – but on tonight’s episode (September 26) the pair’s chemistry surfaced as they shared a lonely heart to heart before a Teaser trailer confirmed that things are finally getting intimate between them.

After a game of truths, poor Gemma had been worried about Matt and Whitney after the latter admitted to her that she would choose her husband from the other boys.

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In the teaser itself (for the next episode), fans see Matt and Whitney enjoying a forbidden kiss on a bridge, while fireworks go off in a later scene as Gemma yells at him at a cast dinner.

However, Matt recently denied allegations that he and Whitney actually cheated on their respective TV spouses.

“Oh I see Daily Mail loves a friggin’ catchphrase don’t you,” the pro hairstylist wrote on social media last week.

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“Just to set the record straight, there was no cheating, there was no betrayal, me and Gemma haven’t been together in seven days and we were more apart than we’ve ever been.”

Matt went on to write that he was told to stay on the show until the next commitment ceremony, although he wanted to leave before going behind Gemma and Duka’s backs.

Married on First Sight UK will be broadcast on E4 in the UK. Married on First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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