Marvel’s Armor Wars Disney+ series is now being filmed

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Although part of Phase 5, Disney+’s Armor Wars TV show will be retooled as an MCU film, with Don Cheadle continuing to star as War Machine.

Don Cheadles arms wars The TV show is being retooled as an MCU film due to creative changes. While most of Marvel Studios’ planned Disney+ shows have materialized, arms wars been stuck in development for some time. Though it was announced in 2020, updates about the James Rhodes spinoff show didn’t surface until 2022. While Terrence Howard brought Rhodes to life in 2008 iron manCheadle replaced him as War Machine in iron man 2 and has continued to appear in several MCU projects.


arms wars follows War Machine after Phase 3, which included the death of his best friend Tony Stark. It has been confirmed that the Disney+ drama will take place after the events of Secret invasion, where Cheadle will next appear as a Marvel hero. While Marvel Studios unveiled their plans for Phases 5 and 6 at San Diego Comic-Con, arms wars was not in either of the two, despite Disney’s commitment to produce the series. According to Cheadle in an interview earlier this month, one of the most important arms wars The stories would be about Tony’s Stark tech coming out and it would be up to Rhodey to keep the wrong people from getting their hands on it.

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However, arms wars has experienced a massive upheaval at Marvel Studios, with The Hollywood Reporter reveals that it will be retooled as a feature film. The studio got involved “Get the story right” and it led them to realize that a movie as opposed to a 6 episode series would be a better option. Head writer Yasser Lester is still on board and will write the script for the film. Production was targeted for 2023 but has now been delayed due to this latest development. That arms wars News comes just days after blade Reboot lost its director.

How Armor Wars as a movie impacts the MCU

While arms wars Another delay is a problem in itself, the decision to make a movie out of this could potentially benefit Cheadle’s character. Although War Machine has appeared in numerous MCU films, he has never been at the forefront of the various storylines. Although Rhodes is getting his own show first, a feature film is a bigger platform for Rhodes for obvious reasons. This would also be a way for War Machine to get a real cinematic spotlight, having been Iron Man’s partner throughout his time in the MCU. arms wars Nor is this the first project where Marvel has upgraded a product from one medium to another. before The brutes became a TV show, the royal family wanted their own Phase 3 film, but instead got a limited series on ABC, which had a negative outcome.

How much remains unclear arms wars will be delayed due to the switch from Disney+ to cinemas. Although after that took place Secret invasion, arms wars may have to be delayed until phase 6 unless Marvel finds a window that makes sense in phase 5. It is possible that the redevelopment arms wars as a feature film this can decrease Secret invasion Connections due to the enormous time gap that will remain between them Secret Invasions Finale and whenever Cheadle’s film hits theaters. Since the plaque wasn’t fully revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, there’s always a chance that arms wars was always a phase 6 project. Until Cheadle, Feige and Marvel Studios make any statements, it remains to be seen how arms wars will come out as a movie.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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