Fan Spends 7 Years Making All-New 2D Mario Game In Mario Maker 2 – IGN

Fan Spends 7 Years Making All-New 2D Mario Game In Mario Maker 2 - IGN
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A fan has just completed a colossal project in Super Mario Maker 2 – he’s spent seven years (spanning both Mario Maker games) developing a full Mario game that he’s christened Super Mario Bros. 5.

Taking to Twitter (below), Metroid Mike 64 wrote: “I’ve finally finished creating my super world in Mario Maker 2 and unofficially naming it Super Mario Bros. 5. I’ve been working toward this moment since 2015, trying to create a classic Mario game that plays like Nintendo developed it itself.”

If this data isn’t quite right for you, that’s because Metroid Mike 64 says He’s been planning this ever since First The Mario Maker game was released in 2015. When the sequel came out for Switch, he said he studied his creations and “meticulously imported them block by block” from the first game to the second.

Key was the addition of the World Maker update to Mario Maker 2, which allows players to stitch together multiple levels with actual world maps to create full games. Metroid Mike 64 used it to bring together 40 courses spread across 8 worlds and divided into three styles – “24 courses from Super Mario World, 14 from SMB3 and 2 courses from SMB”.

The unofficial Super Mario Bros. 5 is a love letter to the NES and SNES era of Mario games and includes some of their hallmarks with new twists: the 7 Koopalings are doomsday bosses, there are branching world maps, puzzle courses are included and more. Gameplay is described as “classic Mario” without the trolling levels or extremely difficult skill challenges that dominate much of Mario Maker’s user catalogue.

Ultimately, Metroid Mike 64 says he was trying to “give you something that Nintendo should have already done, make a full Mario game in Super Mario Maker 2, that’s pretty damn fun!” You can play through his work by You enter the Mario Maker 2 ID 0G9-XN4-FNF.

The response has been incredibly positive, with the Metroid Mike 64 announcement receiving almost 4,000 retweets and more than 25,000 likes at the time of writing. On twitter, Small Felt wrote: “Played through a bunch of these yesterday and I’m blown away. This is the classic Mario sequel you’ve been waiting for.” Benzuko said: “The attention to detail and satisfying risk/reward gameplay is brilliant. Cheer it on and get involved.”

Many have pointed out the oddity that a fan must take the development of a new 2D Mario game into their own hands. The last new mainline 2D Mario game came out with New Super Mario Bros. U in 2012, and while 2019’s Mario Maker 2 had an excellent story mode, it was designed more to showcase the flexibility of the tools than one new classic Mario game to offer. The Switch has seen New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, but we haven’t heard anything about an all-new 2D Mario from Nintendo itself.

This, of course, is a testament to how flexible and impressive Mario Maker 2 is – which is why we gave it a 9.5/10 rating, calling it “the most accessible game design tool ever” and saying “It is amazing how incredibly well it’s all held together in one cohesive package.”

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